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service buying customers8 influences on consumer buying behavior in dealership service drives
‘Tis the season when buyers are out and traffic picks up at dealerships so it’s important to know what’s influencing buys. On today’s show we’re pleased to welcome back John Fairchild, High Performance Fixed Ops Coach and the President of Fairchild Automotive Solutions, to talk to us about 8 influencers to buying behavior in service. Watch full segments here.


Tesla discountDuring one of the most hectic months in its history, Tesla has now doubled its rare holiday discount to $7,500. Until now, the brand saw little need for promotions thanks to its high market share and demand, which is why investors raised their eyebrows when it first offered a $3,750 credit to U.S. customers earlier this month. With electric vehicle tax incentives arriving in January, it seems odd that the company would violate its no-deal policy weeks before. Shareholders are worried this new move could be a last ditch effort to cover up a decrease in quarterly sales volume. Read More

Toyota productionAccording to a new study, an overwhelming majority of buyers prefer eco-friendly brands when making car purchases. The survey, conducted by transportation company Norfolk Southern, found two-thirds of its 1,027 participants preferred companies with sustainable practices, while 88% researched automaker sustainability initiatives before picking a model. Vehicle manufacturing takes a heavy toll on the environment due to the number of materials used in production. Although its sample size is small, the study still serves to highlight how significantly public sentiment has transformed buying habits and how much car makers could lose if they fail to introduce environmentally conscious procedures. Read More

Chevy Bolts

General Motors has sent a recall notice to 140,000 Chevy Bolt owners after discovering the vehicles could catch fire in an accident. According to GM’s report, a design flaw can cause the EV’s carpet flooring to catch fire. The automaker has issued recalls on Bolt models before, and even ceased production of the vehicle in 2021 to rectify a different fire hazard. The EV is one of the cheapest in the U.S., and although GM executives hoped it would help the company overcome Tesla’s market dominance, its problematic history has prevented it from becoming a reliable seller. Read More

USPS vehicles

The United State Postal Service has announced it will begin retiring its out-of-date vehicles and replacing them with EVs. The service expects to spend $9.6 billion in the coming years to convert half of its fleet by 2028. Part of this funding will come from the Biden Administration’s Inflation Reduction Act, which has redefined the economic viability of electric cars in the U.S. The agency will source the vehicles from its current supplier Oshkosh, a specialty car manufacturer and defense contractor, who revealed its e-truck design earlier this year. Read More

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social sellingSocial Selling: What is it and what are the benefits for automotive dealers?
Car dealerships have always been good at selling cars. But in recent years, how people buy cars has changed dramatically. So it shouldn’t be a surprise to you to hear more and more people are using social media to research and purchase vehicles. This shift has created a new opportunity for car dealerships: social selling. But what is social selling? Simply put, it’s using social media to build relationships, develop referrals, get leads and sell products or services. Read More

The link between emotional intelligence and selling cars
Emotional intelligence is just as important as technique in car sales. Consumers want more than just a competent car salesperson that can state the facts. Instead, consumers want someone who can understand their needs and purpose for car shopping. It is much easier to speak to someone who is emotionally intelligent compared to someone who only knows how to calculate numbers and sales. Read More

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