Hybrids gain traction, Ohio opens first Gov. funded EV charging station, auto loan access declines in Nov.

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How dealers can successfully navigate changes in the F&I department – Cory Collins
A vital role of the F&I department is customer education. However, procedures and training in this domain have undergone substantial changes. Hence, on the latest episode of Inside Automotive, we’re joined by Cory Collins, a national F&I trainer for Automotive Reinsurance Concepts and speaker. Collins delves into how much has changed and which factors still impact the F&I department. Watch the full segment here 

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Several car makers may produce hybrid vehicles to meet demand and comply with federal regulations on fuel economy and emissions.Several car makers are more closely considering producing hybrid cars and trucks to meet consumers’ growing demand and avoid incurring penalties from federal fuel economy and emissions regulations. Automakers are investing in all-electric vehicles to increase their prevalence on American roads. However, the evolving shift contradicts the industry-wide promotion of EVs encouraged by the Biden administration. Read More

Ohio has become the first state to use funds awarded by the Biden Administration to build an electric vehicle charging station.The first of the Biden Administration’s government-funded electric vehicle charging stations has officially opened in Ohio following a two-year wait. The EV charging station opened last Friday, December 8, off I-70 at the Pilot Travel Center near Columbus, Ohio. The location features four chargers and typical travel amenities. Read More

Four Nordic pension funds urged Tesla on Dec. 11 to respect their workers' collective bargaining rights in a joint letter.
Stockholm, Sweden, November 5, 2023

On December 11, four Nordic pension funds jointly announced that they would send a letter to Tesla, urging the company to respect the collective bargaining rights of its workers. Swedish mechanics demanded collective bargaining rights from Tesla, but the company didn’t agree to comply with their demands. As a result, some pension funds sold their Tesla stock, and the situation inspired regional solidarity strikes. Read More

Auto loan access declined in November disrupting months of recovery, as lenders, consumers and dealers grappled with economic challenges.Auto loan access declined in November after multiple months of improving conditions, according to Cox Automotive’s Dealertrack Auto Credit Availability Index. After hitting a peak in the summer of 2022, auto loan access has been on a steady decline, with occasional but short-lived improvements throughout the year. From June through October, credit availability increased across most channels on a month-over-month basis while remaining behind the prior year’s levels. Read More

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Establishing or refreshing your dealership's unique selling proposition isn’t rocket science. Consider a three-step approach.What’s your dealership’s unique selling proposition?
Can you rattle off two or three reasons why customers should choose your store over the competition? If not, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and identify your dealership’s unique selling proposition (USP). Let’s first define a USP. At its core, a unique selling proposition sets a business apart from its competitors. Read More

E­mployee motivation is crucial when steering your team toward the­ir goals in the bustling e­nvironment of a car dealership.Ignite and sustain employee motivation to gain a competitive edge
In the dynamic and compe­titive world of car dealerships, e­mployee motivation serve­s as the driving force behind achie­ving success. For managers, your pivotal role lie­s in steering your team toward the­ir goals. This article offers valuable insights into igniting and sustaining your te­am’s motivation while navigating the challenging te­rrain of the auto sales industry. Read More

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Jaelyn Campbell
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