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Today on – Monday, June 18th, 2018:

Buy, Sell, and Finance a Car All Through One App – Blinker
Sometimes in the automotive retail industry, the idea of good technology that helps dealers and consumers help, buy, and sell cars comes from someone in the industry that feels like there should be an easier way to list, sell, and buy. Our guest today at CBT News did just that. Rod Buscher, Founder of Blinker joins us to share his journey of developing an app that makes the car buying process a little simpler. Watch Now

Want to Be a Top Performing Store? EMI is an Answer
Early management intervention (EMI) still remains an area where many stores underperform. The phenomenon of managers making contact with clients early on in the process is very important, albeit underestimated. J.D. Power has used mystery shops and financial statistics on profitability to document this, basing results on actual experience as opposed to opinion surveys. When managers make contact with clients early on, not only do the clients enjoy a more consistent experience, but the salesperson’s process disciplines are better as well, and there is an improvement to the bottom line with profitability going up. Read More

7 Choices Highly Successful People Make Daily
Some consider success the luck of the draw, subject to fate and the constellation they were born under. However, the truth is that success is simply a pattern of behaviors that reinforce good cycles and help reshape negative habits into positive qualities. The most successful people attribute their achievements to little steps that they’ve taken repeatedly. We’ve chosen seven habits known to help promote mastery that will get you and your dealership on the road to success. Read More

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