The Best Ways to Drive Traffic And Get People Talking About Your Dealership


Blogging, social media marketing, newsletters, and other methods of digital marketing can feel like an unnecessary add-on to a marketing strategy. If you have a small team, have limited financial resources, and are strapped for time, it might be easy to leave these methods for driving traffic to your website out. However, there is a reason why many marketing gurus are saying that “content is king.” Check out these stats from the Content Marketing Institute.

  •    Small businesses with blogs get 126 percent more lead growth than small businesses who do not.
  •    77 percent of users read blogs.
  •    Content marketing conversion brings in conversion rates that are six times higher than other methods.
  •    More than half of marketers said that “original written content” is their most important digital asset.

This data reveals how vital content marketing is for increasing leads and conversions. Here are five ways to use content to improve the buzz around your dealership.


Having a company blog is an excellent way to drive traffic to your website, and introduce your potential customers to what you are all about. Not only does it help with your SEO rankings, but it can be used as an opportunity to provide content that helps customers make a purchase and discuss ways the dealership is assisting the community in charity work, volunteering, or fundraising. Blogging is a critical chance to speak about what differentiates your dealership from the rest.

Social Media Marketing

Those blog posts we spoke about in the first posting, this is where you can broadcast their existence. Social media is fantastic, but you need content to share. Here you can share your most recent blog posts, communicate directly with potential customers, share videos regarding a typical workday, highlight past customers, and provide service and maintenance tips. Again, this is a way to show that your dealership is multi-dimensional while driving customers directly to your VDPs. The key is to find the social media platform where your audience resides, and connect with them.

Facebook Ads

This entry might seem as if it should be categorized under social media marketing, but the power of Facebook Ads deserves its own entry. According to a study conducted by, an automaker used Facebook ads for three months, and at the end of this time, they reported 11.8 percent more leads, 32 percent more vehicle details page views, 21 percent more dealership visits. The Facebook Ad feature for dealers allows you to link to specific VDPs and tailor them to particular demographics. Facebook Ads are a surefire way to get your website right in front of those who are looking for an automobile.

Share Video

According to Hubspot, 72 percent of people would rather learn about a product through video. You may not think you have a lot to share, but you would be surprised at how you can incorporate video into your content marketing strategy. You can point out your newest acquisitions, discuss your dealership’s sales or discounts, highlight a customer’s experience, and talk about your F&I process so incoming consumers know what to expect. Potential car buyers can have an idea of your sales process before they even walk into your doors.

Send out a Weekly or Monthly Newsletter

61 percent of consumers like to receive weekly promotional emails. So, an email newsletter is a must for a solid content marketing strategy. It does not take a lot of design savvy to create a simple newsletter that informs potential customers of new acquisitions, dealership events, community work, and helpful car maintenance tips. Newsletters are a reliable way to turn a one-time car buyer into a long-term customer.

Final Thoughts

Before starting any of these methods, you should sit down with your marketing staff and design a strategy that includes goals for all of these channels. This way, you can optimize your time and intelligently allocate your resources. You might not see high numbers overnight, but if you are consistent, these methods can prove fruitful. The thing to remember about content marketing is that you are crafting ways to speak directly with your customers and bring information to them that is useful. When consumers see the value in what you have to say, favorable results should follow.