Sometimes in the automotive retail industry, the idea of good technology that helps dealers and consumers help, buy, and sell cars comes from someone in the industry that feels like there should be an easier way to list, sell, and buy. Our guest today at CBT News did just that. Rod Buscher, Founder of Blinker joins us to share his journey of developing an app that makes the car buying process a little simpler.

Rod Buscher started selling cars in 1973 and has spent over forty years working his way up in the industry. In 1987 Buscher became the owner of his first Jeep dealership and began his partnership with Jon Elway in 1989 that lead to owning the largest car retail group in Colorado at that point in time.

After taking a few years off, Buscher returned to the industry with his new company Summit Automotive Partners. The Denver, Colorado-based company was founded based on a set of firm beliefs: long-term relationships, the empowerment of employees and customers, and the innovation and creativity that come from a positive work environment. Their goal is to provide a collaborative approach to all aspects of a dealership’s operations. With an emphasis on customer-centric environments, the aim to produce transparent and welcoming sales experiences throughout all of their locations.

With access to cutting-edge technology and resources, the team is able to provide innovative solutions that are necessary for long-term success. Blinker, an application that will be expanding across the US, helps see this mission through. Blinker allows you to be in control as you try to buy, sell, or finance a new or used vehicle.

Buscher tells CBT News, “what we wanted to do was give the individual seller the opportunity to have the same tools that a dealer has and be able to sell a car privately and realize more money for their trade, or, as a buyer, be able to save money over what they would pay at a dealership.” he continues, “the concept is being able to do an end-to-end transaction on a smart phone without going to a bank or a dealership and we’ve been able to realize that.”


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