Doing Busywork to Generate Business


David says to stay busy, start developing a phrase he used when he was a salesperson and things got a little slow during the month, “busy work.” He suggests what goes into finding and creating “busy work” and shares several examples.


I’m excited to talk to sales professionals out there who are looking to grow their business, and I want to share a phrase that I used when I was on the sales desk myself. I’d be working, and things weren’t going so good, the month was starting to slow down, and I decided to do busywork. So, I did busywork to generate busyness, and the more busywork I did, the more busyness I got, but every day, by doing the busywork, I was able to grow my personal business.

So what is busywork? Well, it’s marketing, self-marketing. It’s all about helping me grow my own business, so every day, I would make sure that I wrote cards and made phone calls. Now that you have the internet, you definitely have a huge advantage over when I was selling cars. So, think about how many emails you could send just to touch base with customers, the text messages, the videos that you could create, the social engagements that you could have. Every day, focus on doing enough busywork so you can generate enough busyness to grow your own operation and then thrive as a salesperson. Give it a try. I think you’ll be impressed. Remember that line.

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