Benefits of Working in Sales


There are many career paths one can take in the car business. Service, Parts, Sales and Accounting all require different skills and offer unique opportunities and benefits to employees. Within the sales department there are a number of career paths, but working on the ground floor in sales comes with a lot of flexibility and a high earning potential.

A job is sales will be exactly what you make of it. There’s an old saying that applies perfectly to a job in sales: “you get out what you put in!” If you are afraid to make phone calls, or talk to people, then you won’t find a lot of success. However, if you are willing to let loose and not take yourself too seriously, you can do very well in sales.

Here are a few of the benefits to working in sales:

Flexible Hours

It is important that the sales floor of any dealership is adequately manned for all occasions. Salespeople are typically assigned coverage shifts to ensure that customers get the attention they deserve. That being said, you have a great deal of control as to when you work and how much. If you need to switch shifts, or ask for time off, it is usually not difficult to do. The only downside to the flexibility is that the less you work, the smaller your paycheck will likely be.

High Earning Potential

Sales can be a very rewarding career for those who aren’t afraid of hard work. Success in sales requires a solid game plan, and discipline to work the plan. Successful sales people make a lot of phone calls, build quality relationships and network to create sales opportunities. It can take months or even years to become a top salesperson, but the rewards are well worth it. Top salespeople are often among the top paid employees in a dealership.

Opportunities for Collaboration

Competition is high on the dealership sales floor. It is important to watch your back, because some salespeople are only concerned about themselves. While this is a concern, this should not sour the experience. The most successful salespeople have learned that they cannot excel while working alone. There is almost always opportunities to build alliances on the sales floor.

This cooperative team approach to sales can lead to massive success. If your team works together and shares deals, you will never have to worry about splitting a deal with a salesperson that is not on your team, because someone on your team will always be at the dealership, even when you are not.

Stepping Stone to Upper Management

Moving up the career ladder in the car business almost certainly will require some time on the sales floor. Intimate knowledge of the sales process and how the sales department works are an integral part of dealership management.  If you aspire to someday manage a sales department, or manage an entire dealership, you will need to stand out as someone who know how to work with customers and close deals. It is excellent training for everything that lies ahead.