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Every car has a story: How to jazz up your used...

If you're thinking of a quick lunch, you may choose to "Live Más" and pick up Tacos and Nacho Fries from Taco Bell®. Let's...

Salaries in America have risen in the past year. How does...

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Friday that employee pay in the form of wages and salaries increased by the highest rate on...
video testimonials

Benefits of Video Testimonials

Customer reviews make a big difference in how customers hear and think about your business. Even before COVID-19, video testimonials were gaining attention as...

Futuristic Tech Has Real World Benefits for Car Sales

Autonomous technology is under development despite the J.D. Power Q1 Mobility Confidence Study that shows consumers are skeptical of its integration. While it’s important...

Deal Struck on White House Stimulus Package

On Tuesday, March 24, 2020, The US government announced that a deal had been struck between the Trump administration and the bipartisan Senate. Valued...

Recruiting in the Modern Age of Automotive

On this week's episode of Kain & Co., David Kain of Kain Automotive talks about the words you use in your recruiting ads and...
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What Incentives Do Your Employees Want the Most?

For the most part, dealership employees want what any employee wants: security. Along with a paycheck, your dealership provides a safety net for employees...

Benefits of Working in Sales

There are many career paths one can take in the car business. Service, Parts, Sales and Accounting all require different skills and offer unique...
service department

The Benefits of Working in the Service Department

When asked what they want to be when we grow up, you don’t hear a lot of kids exclaiming “I want to work in...

The Benefits of Leasing

On this week's episode of F&I Today, Becky invites Alex Lukas, Business Manager at Baker Motor Company, to discuss leasing and the benefits that...