Adam Marburger on How F&I Managers Can Further Support Salespeople

Adam Marburger

COVID-19 has dramatically changed almost every department in the dealership and F&I is no exception. Creating a high level of consumer engagement early on in the transaction is of the utmost importance, and the pandemic has pushed F&I managers to tighten up processes and increase their communication skills. To discuss this further, we’re pleased to welcome back Adam Marburger, F&I expert and president of Ascent Dealer Services

With more vehicle transactions being done digitally, and cars be delivered straight to consumer homes, many dealers say that it’s really difficult to make back-end profit off of a customer that doesn’t show up to the dealership. Adam agrees with that sentiment to some extent. However, he believes that dealers will need to be more agile so they can pivot and adapt quickly.

Setting up expectations with the customer when it comes to closing the deal is crucial. Give them the opportunity to speak face-to-face via Zoom or FaceTime, so you, as the F&I manager, can answer any lingering questions they may have. Ultimately, this method is what will increase product sales.

Adam says, “In the past, F&I managers are used to having the deals brought to them…so now, things are a little different. The F&I professional must serve the sales department. They need to be eager and willing to help facilitate the sale…Those that embrace technology do a pretty good job.”

Adam Marburger has worked in the automotive industry for over 20 years and is also an accomplished mixed martial arts fighter. As president of Ascent Dealer Services, he provides practical F&I solutions and training to dealerships nationwide.

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