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Car dealers are widely known for their corporate social responsibility efforts, which can go a long way for car buyers looking for dealerships to trust. According to the Harvard Business Review, Fortune 500 companies spend an average of $20 billion yearly on corporate social responsibility activities. While $20 billion a year does sound steep, the benefits make up for the high cost of the charity events.

The main benefits that a car dealership can achieve with a strong corporate social responsibility program are an increase in employee engagement, car sales, interested buyers, overall success, building strong leaders, and an increase in employee numbers.

Millennials are dominating the workforce. According to the Deloitte Global 2022 Gen Z and Millennial Survey, 50% of millennials would take a pay cut to find work that matches their values. These adults have a different mindset than the previous generations and prefer working with companies that do good by donating to community causes.

6 inspiring charity events and activities

It can be difficult to develop unique ideas to help your local community. Consider these six notable charitable initiatives and activities when planning your next CRS activity.

Jim Ellis Employee Charity Golf Tournament | Sunday, August 28, 2022

In just one month, on August 28, 2022, the Jim Ellis company will participate in an employee charity golf tournament. Jim Ellis Automotive strives to make its community and neighborhoods a great place to live while also providing an excellent car buying experience. 

During the gold charity tournament, employees pay a specific amount as a donation to charities in the local community to play gold. Other companies and people can also deliver the sponsorship fees, which help fund events and charities for at-risk youth and underrepresented groups. 

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Jenkins Subaru teams up with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Jenkins Subaru in Bridgeport made the incredible decision to work together with their local Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to help the Cecil B. Highland Jr. and Barbara B. Highland Cancer Center at United Hospital Center. With this strong partnership, the cancer centers received 150 blankets and other donations.

This is part of a Subaru program throughout the nation. So far, over 250,000 blankets have been donated nationwide to cancer survivors in June.

Boardman Subaru helps two local charities

The Boardman Subaru made local news recently as they donated a large amount of money to two local charities. In May 2022, Boardman Subaru gave charities two checks worth nearly $50,000.

The dealership graciously provided the Second Harvest Food Bank of the Mahoning Valley with $19,000 and the Akron Children’s of Mahoning Valley with more than $30,000.

Metro Detroit CARite Dealerships donate $300K to Cornerstone schools

CARite Corporate, LLC has a philanthropist organization called Car Dealers Care National Foundation. In the giving spirit, this car dealership provided cornerstone schools in their local area with over $300,000 in donations. 

Cornerstone Schools is a free charter school that benefits many students in the greater Detroit area. There are five physical school locations, and the funds are said to help hire additional teachers and staff.

Sytner Land Rover Coventry and Jaguar Coventry donate books to local school

Books and education open doors for many young people. This is likely why Sytner Land Rover Coventry and Jaguar Coventry donated hundreds of books for local schools in the U.K. to build and increase the capacity of their libraries.

The funding started because a coworker of Cheryl Fowler, the sales administrator at Sytner Land Rover Coventry, found that Southfield Primary School wanted to increase the readers in the school but did not have the funding to do. So, Sytner Land Rover Coventry and Jaguar Coventry stepped in without hesitation.

Sunset Hills Subaru and Ritenour Co-Care Food Pantry

Sunset Hills Subaru donated a large amount of money for the third consecutive year to their local Ritenour Co-Care Food Pantry. This year they gave a check for $56,000, but the caring dealership has donated over $150,000 since they started working closely with the food pantry.

Sunset Hills Subaru General Manager, Ryan Blankenship, does not want anyone to go hungry. The dealership understands the community’s struggle and wants to help.

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