5 Ways to Motivate Your Sales Staff

sales staff

If there’s one thing we expect from your sales staff, it’s that they make sales. Being able to motivate your salespeople on an ongoing basis is crucial to your dealership’s success. The simplest form of motivation is through respect and words of affirmation. Telling your salesforce that you appreciate their work using concrete details goes a long way. However, words only stretch so far, and there will be times when you’ll find actions go a lot further.


A pat on the back is nice, but a few extra bills in one’s pocket is even nicer. Attaching bonuses to sales propels even mediocre salespeople to new levels of tenacity. Monetary incentives can include specific dollar amounts for sales over a certain number or value, or the chance to advance through promotions.


Depending on your company’s budget or policies, you may not have the ability to offer that variety of incentive. In that case, there are still other strategies to utilize. For example, consider offering employees memberships to local clubs or attractions. There are always venues providing trial or discounted memberships. Try to find activities your sales staff value, as these will have the most significant effect. If there are sports fans on your team, look at sporting events in your area for tickets or game passes. You can also try to find memberships that support your company culture. If your dealership promotes fitness, gym memberships could be a nice prize for improved sales.

Career Opportunities

Another motivational strategy that acts as a win-win for both you and your staff is to offer career opportunities. These are opportunities to receive extra training or experience which will transform your team members into even better salespeople. Incentives within this category would include top salespeople being given priority to go on special sales trips or conventions, giving them the first choice for assignments or arranging learning opportunities that could lead to promotions within your dealership.

Family Perks

If members of your team have children or other family members they care for, offering them more time with their loved ones can get them going. This can take various forms. Depending on your dealership policies, you can offer time off for excellent sales, or time in: allow them to bring a family member to work. You could also arrange dealership field-trips or picnics that include staff families. The benefit of this incentive is that it solidifies a family culture for your business, a mindset that improves overall performance.


Offering flextime is an incentive that rewards sales while at the same time encouraging further productivity.  Your staff is still working the number of hours required, but they feel empowered over their schedules. This incentive should be judiciously applied with care so that you’re still covered at all times, and so that it’s not taken advantage of. However, you’ll find that occasional flextime privileges mobilizes your staff in a positive way.

Each of these five incentives can be used simultaneously or individually. You can choose to tier rewards, allowing certain levels of sales to earn specific prizes, or you can rotate rewards by quarters. The important thing is to find ways to show your staff that you value their work and to show that appreciation tangibly.