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Bring the Excitement Back Into Your Dealership | The Last Thing Dealers Need Is A Hard-To-Use DMS

On today’s CBT Newscast for Thursday, April 19th, 2018:

Bring the Excitement Back Into Your Dealership – Mark Olson, Findlay Kia
We recently had a chance to catch up with Mark Olson, General Sales Manager and Internet Director of Findlay Kia, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Olson, who was also the cover story on our March issue of CBT Magazine, Has been leading one of the best dealerships in the country. So it makes the most sense as a high volume, high grossing dealer, that we asked him what he thinks today’s dealers should be focusing on for 2018 and beyond to maximize both sales and gross profit. Watch Now

The Last Thing Dealers Need Is A Hard-To-Use DMS – Paul Whitworth, Dealertrack
Paul Whitworth, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Dealertrack, sat down with CBT News during the NADA Show 2018 where we had the chance to ask him about Dealertrack’s new DMS portal and what were the key features that they had in mind when developing it? Watch Now

Should Your Service Department be Open on Sundays?
It is no secret that dealership personnel work long hours. The car business is demanding of employees’ time, but it can be equally demanding on relationships and personal life. Because of this, there are still laws in certain locales that limit the number of days a dealership can be open. In many states, there are so-called “blue laws” that prohibit certain types of activities, particularly on Sundays. In the car business, we are well aware of these laws in relation to car buying, as this activity falls under blue laws in several states. In a world where we work far more than we used to and rest far less, what are the effects? How do we find a balance for employees while maximizing potential profits? Read More

5 Ways to Motivate Your Sales Staff
If there’s one thing we expect from your sales staff, it’s that they make sales. Being able to motivate your salespeople on an ongoing basis is crucial to your dealership’s success. The simplest form of motivation is through respect and words of affirmation. Telling your salesforce that you appreciate their work using concrete details goes a long way. However, words only stretch so far, and there will be times when you’ll find actions go a lot further. Read More

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