3 ways to prevent the stagnation of your success

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. We’ve all heard that phrase at least once in our lives, but what happens when success stagnates or spirals out of control? What happens when car dealers become too comfortable with their performance? On the latest episode of Mind Your Own Business, host Jonathan Dawson, founder of Sellchology Sales Training, answers these questions and more. Find out his three strategies to snap out of stagnation:

1. Break out of the norm: Think about the processes you’re doing now and imagine them breaking. What would you do? We often get stuck in cyclical patterns because humans like to stay in their comfort zones. The brain often works against changing the status quo in order to avoid the stress or fear that change brings.

2. Don’t forget your fundamentals: The better you are about getting back to the basics, the more consistent and sustained your success will be. The fundamentals provide a great foundation for trying new processes and procedures. However, if your team is lacking in the fundamentals, it will be difficult to onboard new and innovative methods.

3. Bring others into the process: Get different perspectives on where your organization might be slipping. Ask your team to assess certain processes, or bring in a consultant from outside for an unbiased analysis.

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