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3 critical components that are key to your car dealership’s modern retailing practices – Rusty West, Brian Pasch, & Alex Snyder

Over the past year, modern retailing has largely focused on accelerating digital and virtual processes to provide consumers with a much better shopping experience. On today’s show, we take a deep dive into three critical components that are intrinsically connected; Science, Technology, and Data. All are key to modern retailing best practices.

However, these three components are often not taken fully into account. Offers extended to consumers are regularly flawed because the information is either missing or misrepresented. Here to discuss this further is Brian Pasch, Founder of PCG Companies and Brian Pasch Enterprises. We’re also joined by Rusty West, President, and CEO of Market Scan Information Systems, and Alex Snyder, Co-founder, and CEO of FRIKINtech, both of whom were recipients of this year’s Automotive Website Awards.

Today, our panel breaks down why the combination of science, technology, and data is so important for car dealers. Our experts explore how COVID-19 has accelerated the need for these components, especially when considering modern retailing best practices and the customer experience.

The team at FRIKINtech understands the value of having science, technology, and data work in harmony. The company has made it its mission to provide car dealers with shoppers who are ready to purchase. FRIKINtech’s technology allows sales teams to weed out bad leads and avoid other tedious, time-wasting tasks.

Market Scan saw the value that this technology brings to car dealers as well. Through their partnership with FRIKINtech, and the development of the mDrive platform, the company can now provide car dealers with comprehensive solutions to acquire the right customers and to promote their inventory in personalized ways for a seamless customer experience.

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