Google will discontinue support for the current version of Google Analytics in July 2023. If you’re not familiar with Google Analytics, it’s the platform that practically every car dealer utilizes to track organic and paid traffic, conversions, engagement, and other metrics. Many car dealers in the United States utilize Google Analytics to double-check their vendors’ performance data as well. That data stream, however, will be phased out next year. Taking its place is Google Analytics 4.

GA4 is an analysis marketing tool for online content. There are four versions of this marketing tool; however, this particular update is very different from the previous one. The tools use more recent data to analyze and report responses.

The sooner you install and configure GA4, the sooner you’ll start collecting data. For a quick guide to setting up Google Analytics 4, click here.

The top GA4 features to consider

Listed below are common GA4 features to consider using inside of this marketing tool.

1. Security Measures

Google understands how important it is to stay safe while browsing online and analyzing data. Because of this, the current update has strong security measures that let companies, small businesses, and individuals manually control their website’s cookies.

2. Analyzes Website and App Data

GA4 analyzes both website and app data as long as your account is connected to both. There is a lot of data that the website collects and using the GA4 features, you can find exactly how many new users stumbled on your app or website. This is good for comparison, especially if you are trying a new marketing strategy. Many marketing and SEO experts specifically look at and analyze the engagement time for each visitor. 

The website and app visitors engage on the media outlet for a specific amount of time before leaving. If the time is short, this can indicate to the marketing expert or SEO specialist that there is a problem with the content. The insights and keywords are also highlighted in the GA4 report.

3. Pre-built reports

If you do not want to take the time to make detailed reports, GA4 can do most of the work for you after analyzing, storing, and understanding the data. Pre-built reports typically have graphs that show the visitor count, country, language, engagement time, and a number of clicks. 

Pre-built reports offered by GA4 are good and beneficial for beginners learning how to analyze data to improve conversion and sales on a website or application. For instance, if GA4 has noted that more and more people are clicking on one specific car, the marketing specialist can choose to highlight the car on the website to grow the engagement and visitor count.

A list of keywords and search terms is also produced with a pre-built report based on your industry. GA4 can tell marketing specialists exactly how visitors found the page or app, for example, the terms they searched.

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