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Why this Chevrolet salesman says he hasn’t reached his full potential yet despite selling over 100 cars in April

On the latest edition of Straight to the Point, host Frank J. Lopes is joined by Zeyad “Z” Altuama, sales and leasing consultant at Ferman Chevrolet, and one of the top Chevy salespeople in the country. Just this past April, Altuama sold 103 vehicles, and if you ask him, he hasn’t reached his full potential yet. 

Lopes gets straight to the point with Altuama and wants to know what made April of 2021, different from other months. Altuama explains that it was a variety of factors that contributed to his success. He is a student of Grant Cardone’s 10X Rule, and those principles ignited his determination to achieve more. Previous clients have also taught Altuama a lot about the sales process. He says that leveraging tools like marketing, prospecting, and follow-up have enabled him to maximize every area of the sales journey.

Marketing is especially important for Altuama, particularly on Facebook. He explains that ads have now become a huge part of the Facebook experience, and if companies like Apple and Coca-Cola can do it, then why can’t he. A quick look at Altuama’s Facebook page reveals dozens of photos featuring satisfied customers as well as Altuama’s mobile number and QR code.

So, why don’t more salespeople take this approach? Altuama explains, “[Salespeople] choose not. We have all the rights to do everything. We have all the capacities to do that, it’s literally taking actions. Period.”

Taking action continues to be a top priority for Altuama. After emigrating to the United States in 2011, Altuama recognized that he could try to fade into the background and settle for an average job. However, he decided to pursue excellence in his ambitions and strived to reach new levels of success.

Back in his native country of Iraq, Altuama said that there are a lot of legitimate obstacles that prevent career-minded people from advancing in their fields. He explains that Baghdad had frequent power outages, a lack of clean water, violence, and was oftentimes chaotic. Upon coming to the U.S. Altuama says that without these obstacles, there was no excuse for him to not try and better his life.

Altuama says, “What’s nothing to us here, it’s everything to one person in the world somewhere.”

Once Altuama found consistent success at Ferman Chevrolet in 2016, he needed additional help to support the volume of his transactions. His wife, Nada Aldirawi, joined Altuama on the sales floor as his assistant. Together the duo has become a powerhouse team that consistently sets records for the dealer group.

To find out more about Z Altuama’s incredible journey as an automotive salesperson, be sure to watch the entire interview above.

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Frank Lopes
Frank Lopes
Frank has more than 20 years of experience in auto dealer marketing and has created multiple award-winning campaigns for various retail and e-commerce clients. He also is a frequent writer and speaker at industry events.

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