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Why now is the time to revisit your dealership’s training program — Tony Gomez | Quantum⁵

An effective and personalized training program is crucial for dealers to equip employees with the skills needed to succeed in their roles. With the car market changing course on a daily basis, the time is now for auto retailers to revisit their education methods and ensure their teams are truly prepared for the future.

On this episode of Driving Solutions, host Jim Fitzpatrick is joined by Tony Gomez, president of Quantum⁵, an innovative educational platform leveraging proven teaching methods, experienced instructors, and the latest in educational research to push dealers and their teams to greater heights. Gomez, an experienced automotive leader himself, shares his insights into traditional dealership training programs and why they are ill-suited to the modern world.

Key Takeaways

1. The automotive industry is facing unprecedented change in the way cars are sold, even as it transitions back to the way it used to conduct business before the COVID pandemic. This has left dealers ill-equipped to train their staff for the complexities of the modern market, causing many employees to face challenges on their own.

2. Gomez explains that Quantum⁵ is capable of bridging the gap between the old and the new, equipping dealers with the tools they need to train, and preparing employees for the difficulties of an evolving market.

3. One of the key differentiators between Quantum⁵ and other dealership training programs is its emphasis on applying research and science to the education process. Gomez notes his clients’ employees are taught through an inductive and interactive approach. This methodology has been shown to have a much greater impact on adult learners than other teaching frameworks.

4. By preparing their employees with effective training methods, dealers not only improve the capabilities of their teams but also strengthen employee loyalty and retention. Many professionals who leave the retail automotive sector cite a lack of support in the dealership as a key reason for choosing another industry.

5. Quantum⁵ offers a progressive and innovative training program designed based on feedback from both dealership employees and car buyers. Gomez admits the company’s curriculum may be different than what dealers are used to but emphasizes that the automotive landscape has changed. To accommodate these shifts, dealers must themselves be open to change or risk the longevity of their businesses.

6. Quantum⁵ plans to improve its method of delivering educational content to give users the freedom to learn at their own pace through their preferred channels. Gomez notes the company will soon implement virtual instructor-led training to give those who require a traditional course setup the support they need. Microlearning, the practice of consuming small, digestible pieces of information throughout the day, will also be implemented in the near future to service clients with busy lifestyles who are unable to afford the time spent on a full course.

As part of its participation in the upcoming 2024 NADA Show, Quantum⁵ is offering 90 days of free service and waiving sales, service, and leadership implementation fees for those who apply. To learn more about this promotional offer, visit their website here. To catch Quantum⁵ at NADA, visit booth #7113N.

"You wouldn't think that bringing a progressive and innovative curriculum to the market...would be disruptive. But I think that's pushing against that status quo, and in our industry, our current processes have served us so well for decades that it's a tough pill for a lot to swallow. But they are starting to realize...that we've got to do something different if we're going to sustain our success in the long term." — Tony Gomez

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Colin Velez
Colin Velez
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