What a Diagnostic Fee Actually Costs You

On this week’s edition of the Weekly Tune-Up, Becky Nixon talks about diagnostic fees and what they actually cost you in your service department.

Whenever we think about ways to promote our service departments or have a marketing campaign to bring in new customers we almost always go for the cheap oil change option don’t we? Every automotive dealer, independent garage, aftermarket repair shop or even the shade tree mechanic who lives down the street will offer discounted oil and filter changes if they can get your auto service business.

We all understand that the bottom line is to increase service traffic, the number of repair orders and to increase sales while maintaining the highest level of gross profit possible. But we also know that about 60% of our regular customers who come in waving the promotion coupon for a free oil & filter changes leave after they get their free service without getting anything else done.

If you are a Service Manager, you are already facing a deadline to get next months or next quarters marketing plan to your GM or Dealer. And maybe you are staring at the computer screen hoping it feels your pain and relieves you of this task. However the first coupon is easy because the lost leader oil change special is expected. It is already assumed because it has been run every month of every year for the past several decades.

Tune in to find out Becky’s new ideas to get automotive service business.