WADA President Scott Cargill on the unique COVID-19 obstacles for rural car dealers

The landlocked state of Wyoming is home to many dealers that have had to, like many across the country, adapt throughout the pandemic. But what does that look like in a less densely populated state? On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome Scott Cargill, President of the Wyoming Automobile Dealers Association or WADA, Executive Manager of White’s Frontier Motors, and a 2021 nominee for TIME’s Dealer of the Year to discuss what he is hearing most from dealers and what business looks like throughout the pandemic.

COVID-19 has impacted dealerships across the country in different ways. Dealers operating in the rural pockets of the country have experienced the pandemic in unique ways not seen in heavily-populated urban cities. This has certainly been the case for dealers in the state of Wyoming.

In this segment, Cargill and anchor Jim Fitzpatrick tackle the following:

  • Cargill’s background in the automotive industry
  • How dealers are surviving or thriving in a less densely populated state like Wyoming
  • The different challenges that face rural dealers vs urban dealers
  • What concerns Cargill is hearing most from WADA dealers
  • Current COVID restrictions for Wyoming dealerships
  • The number of dealers in Wyoming that are doing more business online
  • Cargill’s TIME Dealer of the Year nomination
  • The concerns Cargill has for the last quarter of the year, in regards to the automotive industry
  • His hopes for the future focus of WADA

For more great insight from Scott Cargill, be sure to watch the full interview above.

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