Around 15,000 dealerships across the United States now have access to UVeye’s new technology that helps expedite repair orders with the use of cameras and scanners. The latest offering is available to dealers who utilize CDK Global’s Fortellis Dealership Management System and is reportedly beneficial to both dealers and customers.

The new technology works by examining a vehicle and immediately providing images to technicians, giving them a view of what repair(s) may need to be made. Technicians can then discuss any issues located with the customers to provide options and determine if they would like to proceed with repairs. 

The so-called “Helio” feature includes a scanner that runs along the underbody of a vehicle to detect issues like leakages, the “Artemis” feature inspects tires to look for things like mismatches and air pressure problems, and the “Atlas” system uses a 360-degree scan of a vehicle’s exterior to inspect various components from mirrors to bumpers. 

UVeye’s technology can reportedly save dealers around 45 minutes in the service lane, as it takes approximately 15 minutes to scan a vehicle and also makes administrative processes easier for dealers. This means less time diagnosing vehicles and making customers wait, which is a win-win for both parties seeing as many car owners report they dread getting their cars serviced and repaired. 

Trials have found that 96% of issues are accurately located with UVeye’s technology, and some dealers have started using it, including Ohio’s Jeff Wyler Auto Group, which has 16 locations across the state.

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