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Expert Gina Reuscher on making impactful dealer videos

Are you evoking emotion when your dealership makes a video? Before you press the record  button again, check out what Gina Reuscher says about making videos for your customers.

Have you seen that commercial? It’s a Subaru commercial, of course and it’s a tearjerker. We have talked about this before. One way your dealership can not only market to consumers the right way, but also beat the competition for attention of consumers is with video marketing. According to Gina Reuscher, director of marketing for Flick Fusion, there is a psychology to video marketing.

The reason for that is today’s consumers are largely desensitized to traditional marketing messages. In fact, the advertising tech firm says 97% of internet users don’t trust advertising. So, Gina says for every video you create, you first need to ask the question, “What is the action I want the customer to perform at the end of this video?”. Every video should have two ultimate goals: generate an emotion, then tie that high-power feeling into a specific question.

In video marketing, there are two basic actions that customers can take: share and convert. Your dealership’s video marketing strategy should include both types of videos.

Read more in the Car Biz Today – July edition.



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