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breathing leader

How to become a better business leader in less than two...

Well that’s a statement, isn’t it? Is this really possible? Let’s find out. Learning how to control our breath is one of the most powerful...

Self-regulate your way to better leadership

Think back to a situation where you acted in haste, based a decision you wanted to take back on emotion, had a bad start...
Mark O'Neil

Mark O’Neil’s In-Store “Emotional Roller Coaster”

The car buying process can be pretty fun. It's like going to an amusement park and riding a roller coaster with all the ups...

Think-Feel Connections

  Emotion and logic play a major role in the buying decision. Mark breaks down how the two must combine to complete the essential customer...
dealer videos

Are you using emotion in your dealership videos?

Expert Gina Reuscher on making impactful dealer videos Are you evoking emotion when your dealership makes a video? Before you press the record  button again,...
test drive

Turn a Test Drive Into A Sale

Internet Research Takes Out Emotion; Test Drive Puts it Back By Mark Tewart  In that path there are specific things that can be done to increase the...