The Ultimate List of Automotive Retail Conferences


Attending conferences seems to be a way of life in the car business. We are all striving for that next cutting-edge strategy that will give us the advantage over our competition. While some conferences can seem like a waste of time, you cannot argue that surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals has a synergy about it.

That being said, what are your conference going options? As the title of this article suggests, this is an attempt to compile a comprehensive list of the top auto retailer conferences. The most relevant and impactful conferences are listed first, but many other interesting and beneficial conferences are also listed.

NADA Convention
The NADA show is must-attend for many dealers. The annual conference is a meeting of the top industry leaders, manufacturers, exhibitors and other key players in the auto industry.  Every aspect of the show is designed to help dealers succeed.

DrivingSales Executive Summit
DrivingSales is dedicated to the latest innovations and cutting-edge strategies in the auto retailing business. DrivingSales Executive Summit is a meeting of the top Owners, Dealer Principals, and Directors and is a packed with priceless information, networking and possibilities.

Women in Automotive Conference
If you are a female in this business, you need to attend this conference. Women in Automotive was founded to empower and develop women in the auto industry and this conference brings women together from all over the industry.

Digital Dealer Conference
Digital Dealer Conference brings together the latest technologies and strategies that drive sales in our ever-evolving online world. Here you will find the industry’s most progressive and highest-grossing dealers, all learning and innovating together.

This conference for independent Used Car dealers is a place for unaffiliated dealers to band together and share strategies.

Digital Marketing Strategies Conference
This high-level executive planning event is designed to assist dealers with market-dominating digital strategies.

Innovative Dealer Summit
Education and training for dealer principals and senior dealership management. Topics include sales, profitability, technology, best practices, social media and other emerging issues in dealership operations today.

Rockstar Auto Conference
Mat Koenig and Chris Speer created this conference with a fresh twist on automotive conferences. Energy and passion come together with the Rock Stars of this industry to help dealers grow beyond their comfort zone.

DrivingSales President’s Club
President’s Club is an exclusive event for owners and general managers. President’s Club focuses on critical operations discussions led by real-life experts, as opposed to keynotes from opinion leaders.

Internet Sales 20 Group
Not your typical 20 group, this conference is designed to bring dealers together in a unique way to discuss the latest trends in internet sales and to provide intense training, education, and motivation.

SEMA is the must-attend yearly event for anyone associated with the automotive aftermarket. All of the latest technology, trends, innovations and market strategies can be found at this conference and show.

NTEA Work Truck Show
This show focuses on the work truck industry and is a great resource for commercially-minded dealers.

North American Commercial Vehicle Show
A new show held every 2 years and focused on the Medium to Heavy truck markets. Great keynotes and breakout sessions, as well as displays from all of the major players in the commercial truck industry.