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UAW says it has secured majority support in non-union Volkswagen factory

This is the first time the UAW has declared majority support in a non-union auto plant.

On February 6, a news release by the United Auto Workers (UAW) revealed that most employees at Volkswagen AG’s factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee, have registered to join the Detroit-based union. This announcement came less than two months after the UAW reported that 30% of VW employees in the United States had signed union authorization cards. The plant currently employs over 5,500 workers and manufactures Volkswagen’s ID.4, Atlas, and Atlas Cross Sport.

According to the union, this is the first time the UAW has declared majority support in a non-union auto plant. After successfully negotiating contracts with the Detroit Three automakers last year, the UAW started a campaign to organize non-union automakers.

The UAW considers reaching this position at the VW plant noteworthy due to the short time since the campaign’s inception. Wayne State University business professor Marick Masters stated, “I imagine that, like anything else, getting the next batch of workers to sign up will be more difficult.” He added, “When you try and go above and beyond the first two batches, resistance may begin to stiffen, and people have more reservations as you get closer to actually holding an election.”

Moreover, Volkswagen employee and trainer Zach Costello said, “The excitement has been building and is only getting stronger now that we have reached 50%. Every day, more organizers join us, enabling us to reach every part of the plant with our efforts. Living in the South does not negate the value of our labor, the extent of our benefits, or our legal rights. Every worker ought to have a voice, and I hope our achievement serves as an example for workers around the nation.”

Additionally, the UAW promised to hold a rally at the plant when 50% of workers sign authorization cards. With 70% support, the UAW would demand recognition from the company or conduct a National Labor Relations Board election. Lastly, 30% of the population must meet the requirements to run for an NLRB seat.

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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