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Tom Maoli reveals insight into market trends, political implications, and business strategies

According to Edmunds, BMW led U.S. luxury sales in the first quarter. As elections quickly approach, what implications will they have for the high-end luxury car market? On today’s episode of Inside Automotive, Tom Maoli, president and CEO of Celebrity Motor Car, is here to share his thoughts on what we’re seeing in the market and economy today.

Key Takeaways 

1. Tom Maoli mentions that the automotive business had a slow start in January and February but saw a significant uptick in March and April. He notes that despite challenges like decreased margins, high payments, and supply chain issues, car sales remain strong, indicating consumer demand.

2. Maoli expresses concerns about the impact of political decisions on the automotive industry. He discusses potential policy shifts, such as President Biden’s push for EVs by 2033. He contrasts this with a hypothetical return to a more traditional approach under Trump’s leadership, including a focus on drilling and addressing market challenges.

3. The conversation includes insights into business strategies, such as leveraging lower interest rates for acquisitions. Maoli suggests that despite current pricing dynamics and industry challenges, it’s a good time for dealerships looking to grow their group due to favorable interest rates and ongoing demand for transportation.

4. Moreover, Maoli discusses challenges like EV infrastructure gaps, supply chain crunches, and the need for a better political understanding of automotive business realities. However, he also sees opportunities, such as dealerships adapting to changes in consumer preferences and focusing on service departments amid shifting market dynamics.

5. Nevertheless, Maoli highlights personal success stories within the industry, including his daughter’s achievements in managing a Ford store and expanding the company’s reach. This underscores the importance of effective leadership and adaptability in navigating the automotive business landscape.

"When you look back four years ago, interest rates were 3%. As interest rates come back down, those prices will come back up. It's still a strong industry, and like I say, you can't stop transportation, and if they're not buying cars, they're fixing them." – Tom Maoli

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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