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The key to providing a first-in-class digital experience — Ted Rubin | ActivEngage

With so many of today’s car buyers opting to shop online, your dealership’s digital experience has become more important than ever. However, with the automotive industry lagging behind others in technological innovation, many are struggling to provide the online support their customers need.

On this episode of Driving Solutions, host Jim Fitzpatrick is joined by Ted Rubin, founder and CEO of ActivEngage. ActivEngage is an industry-leading provider of communication solutions for the retail automotive sector, with products and services that connect customers with the support they need while helping dealers capitalize on leads and drive performance for their businesses. Now, Rubin shares his advice for improving your store’s digital experience along with exciting updates for ActivEngage clients.

Key Takeaways

1. Most consumers now start the car buying process online. To accommodate internet shoppers, dealers need to implement tools, features, and services that make their digital experiences more convenient.

2. Customer interaction is a key component of a dealership’s digital experience. Rubin explains that car buyers often have questions when shopping online due to difficulties in understanding listings and technical information. Providing an advocate who can supply tailored support will ensure website users enjoy every interaction.

3. Although artificial intelligence can sometimes make the digital experience more convenient, Rubin notes that customers overwhelmingly prefer a human representative. This is because many of the questions they have require accurate, empathetic, and personalized explanations, elements that AI chatbots are unable to provide.

4. ActivEngage provides human support around the clock that helps dealers provide a first-in-class digital experience. The company is trusted by many of the nation’s top retail automotive partners, such as J.D. Power and CDK Global, and dealership groups, including AutoNation and Penske Automotive.

5. For the first time, ActivEngage will be attending NADA in February, where it plans to showcase a new product called Flip2txt. Flip2txt will alleviate stress during inbound phone calls to the dealership by giving customers the option to convert their calls to text. Doing so allows dealers to have a record of the conversation and ensure the customer’s needs are met. ActivEngage Chief Revenue Officer Eric Schlesinger will also be promoting Flip2txt at the NADA pitch competition on Friday, February 2, in the main lobby of the west building.

To learn about ActivEngage and its plans to upgrade car dealers’ digital experiences, be sure to visit booth #6113N at NADA 2024.

"Consumers are definitely migrating more to the web and trying to do more on the web. That doesn't mean that they want a unilaterally solo experience, where they're not interacting with someone. It means that they want to be able to control the interaction, but they still want the interaction with another person or with someone who can assist them through the different processes." — Ted Rubin

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Colin Velez
Colin Velez
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