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The Information reports: Musk lays off Tesla senior executives in new round of job cuts

Musk sent an email emphasizing that the EV maker needed to take strict cost reduction and headcount measures.

Elon Musk, driven by the need to address declining sales and the rapid pace of job layoffs, has made the strategic decision to terminate two top executives from Tesla. In an email to senior executives, published by The Information on Tuesday, April 30, Musk outlined plans to lay off hundreds more staff members.

According to the report, Daniel Ho, the director of the new vehicles program, and Rebecca Tinucci, senior director of the electric vehicle manufacturer’s Supercharger business, will leave the company on Tuesday morning.

According to The Information, Musk reportedly plans to dismiss all employees at Tinucci and Ho, including the approximately 500 individuals in the Supercharger division.

The report said Tesla’s public policy division, managed by former executive Rohan Patel, will also be dismissed. 

Musk sent an email emphasizing that the EV maker needed to take strict cost reduction and headcount measures. He noted that most executive staff members were not taking serious action, but some were.

Based on their LinkedIn profiles, Ho started working as a program manager at Tesla in 2013 and contributed to the development of the Model S, 3, and Y before being given the responsibility of overseeing all new vehicles. In 2018, Tinucci joined Tesla as a senior product manager.

Additionally, earlier partnerships between Patel and Drew Baglino, the chief of battery development, were made, along with the order to lay off over 10% of its workers.

Furthermore, Last week, Tesla revealed that its quarterly revenue fell for the first time since 2020 due to declining sales and an escalating price war.

During an unexpected trip to Beijing on Sunday, Musk pushed the rollout of Tesla’s cutting-edge driver-assistance package in China, the epicenter of the electric vehicle pricing battle. That visit occurred slightly over a week after he postponed a trip to India, where Tesla has long aspired to launch operations, citing “very heavy Tesla obligations.”

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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