The importance of creating unique customer experiences inside your dealership

Providing over 20 distinct platforms for every dealership.

Oftentimes the marketing and customer experience on the showroom floor do not match up with what’s being done digitally. So, it’s important to partner with a company like Digital Dealership System, to provide a comprehensive experience for customers and dealership staff. On today’s episode of Inside Automotive, Todd Katcher, Managing Partner of Digital Dealership System discusses where things stand with the systems.

The Digital Dealership Program has grown over the past 12 months and now provides over 20 distinct platforms for every dealership. To future-proof the dealership experience, Katcher states that “we design integrated marketing and technology solutions that make automobile retail faster, easier, and smarter.” The program’s primary goal is to distinguish between dealers who are actively using the systems and those who aren’t.

Katcher refers to the example of “it’s like buying the same two big macs from two different McDonalds; in retrospect, the same two vehicles at two dealerships.” The minute a customer walks into the dealership, the goal is to make them feel welcomed and provide them with the desired “Amazon” experience. 

Digital Dealership SystemMore: Digital Dealership System’s Todd Katcher on elevating the in-person shopping experience

As a result, the focus of Digital Dealership system has changed away from technology and toward an interactive board. The system switches out the conventional white-erase sales leaderboard with a digital dashboard. Tools have been developed for tracking BDC, leads, and service levels on a single platform using the dashboard, desktop, and mobile applications. The system is the only active tool that incorporates commercial-free content and updates every 15 to 30 minutes.

“Customers and dealers profit from materials like the system we provide because we add value,” says Katcher. The opportunity to check their individual statuses on a screen in the managers’, general managers’, platforms’, or owners’ offices was well appreciated. Even though salespeople only have access to their personal information, the technology allows GMs to track the overall store value. “It’s been really exciting,” says Katcher, “to watch this development enter the market.”

We always seek new features and ask for methods to add more because we base the development of our services on customer feedback. In Dallas, for the upcoming NADA show, Katcher says, “we will walk through the systems that we provide to dealers in 15-45 minutes, for those who have the time”. We will give a quick overview to help dealers understand how we can help them more effectively.

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