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Jim Fitzpatrick of CBT News talks with Todd Katcher at 2024 NADA Show about new dealership tools. Watch full coverage here.

Live Replay NADA Show 2024: Todd Katcher | Digital Dealership System

Recently, at the 2024 NADA Show, CBT News anchor, Jim Fitzpatrick spoke with Todd Katcher, Managing Partner of Digital Dealership System, to hear his expert...
With a suite of data presentation tools, the Digital Leaderboard deepens the connection and trust across all levels of the dealership.

How a digital leaderboard can drive performance at your dealership

From sales to fixed-ops, dealership teams are ill-prepared for today's rapidly evolving automotive landscape. As was apparent throughout last year, prices are falling, competition...
Todd Katcher

Why dealers should ditch the whiteboard and go digital — Todd...

Although technology is well on its way to transforming the world of automotive retailing, a surprising number of dealers fail to realize how poorly...
digital signs dealership marketing Digital Dealership System

How digital signs can elevate your in-dealership marketing efforts

Every boss knows that running a car business takes great leadership, excellent customer service and skilled staff. But what do you do when every...
Digital Dealership System

The importance of creating unique customer experiences inside your dealership

Oftentimes the marketing and customer experience on the showroom floor do not match up with what’s being done digitally. So, it’s important to partner...

Digital Dealership System’s Todd Katcher on elevating the in-person shopping experience

At this year’s NADA Show in Las Vegas, anchor Jim Fitzpatrick caught up with Todd Katcher, Managing Partner at Digital Dealership System, to discuss taking...
Digital Dealership System

How Digital Dealership System is helping car dealers reimagine the in-store...

Today on Inside Automotive, we’re pleased to welcome Todd Katcher, Managing Partner at Digital Dealership System, a premier digital sign and interactive kiosk solution...