The Benefits of Working in the Service Department

service department

When asked what they want to be when we grow up, you don’t hear a lot of kids exclaiming “I want to work in the car business!” While a career in the car business may not be glamorous, it can be a great career with a lot of perks. Whether working in sales, parts, or service department, there are many opportunities for a satisfying career in the car business.

While each department has its advantages, the service department offers great earning potential and has several benefits. Choosing a career fixing cars can bring steady income, job security, and great satisfaction helping others repair and maintain their vehicles.

Here are some of the advantages to working in the service department.

Specialized Training

If you are looking to increase your training and further your career, there is no better place than at a dealership. All of the major manufacturers provide excellent training programs for technicians. With technology changing at a rapid pace, it is important to stay up-to-date. With the training programs available, you will learn the latest methods and add value to yourself as an employee.

Great Income Potential

Whether you are a service advisor or a service technician, your earning potential is greatly influenced by your work ethic, ambition and drive. Service technicians are typically rewarded for efficiency. Most repair jobs pay a set number of hours for specific repair. If you can finish a job in less time, you still get paid the full amount and can move on to the next job, potentially getting paid for two jobs at once!

If you have excellent sales skills, you can make a great living as a service advisor. A service advisor’s primary job is to sell service. Most service advisors are paid a nice bonus on the parts and service hours that they sell. If you master the art of communicating with customers, you can earn trust and sell more service.

Many Employment Opportunities

In the current employment market, dealerships are constantly looking for quality talent in the service department. Technicians are particularly hard to find, but good advisors can gain employment just as easily. If you take your work seriously, a job in the service department will become a career you can be proud of.

Personal Benefits

Aside from some of the benefits already discussed, there are other personal benefits as well. Employee discounts will allow you to buy parts at a discount, and get a discount on hourly service rates. Furthermore, most dealerships are happy to let you use their facility to work on your own vehicle after hours.


As with any opportunity, success in the service department is directly proportionate to the amount of effort you put in. If you look at it as a career, and not just a job, you are likely to get more out of it and experience a lot of success. Good luck!