A winning personality. It might sound cliche, but studies have shown that personality is what separates the salespeople at the top from those on the bottom. Even among those with great personalities, there are traits that make a salesperson stand…

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  1. Few pieces on sales skills mention the “unselfconscious” element, also known as the lack of self-awareness. That skill often is at least as important as the others listed. I see pulling focus away from myself as a form of humility in providing better service to our customers.

    Does a related challenge presents after using this approach for the interruption? The answer to me seems to be “Yes.” The challenge would be knowing when and how to turn back on and off again one’s typical self-awareness for purposes of advancing far past the early stages of the relationship-centered transaction.

    Would love to be part of a discussion somewhere addressing tools useful to conquering that challenge.

    Just my $.02.

    Bow Tie


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