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Tesla’s Supercharger access for Mercedes and other automakers delayed amid team reorganization

However, due to recent delays, it is likely that this access may take several months to materialize.

Tesla’s NACS support webpage now lists Mercedes-Benz among other automakers in its “coming soon” section, indicating future access to Tesla’s Supercharger network. However, Tesla is reorganizing its charging team under CEO Elon Musk’s direction, causing a delay in all automakers’ provision of Supercharger support.

The new NACS standard, first advanced by Tesla and later certified by SAE as “J3400,” has garnered widespread industry adoption. NACS/J3400 uses the same connector that Tesla vehicles have been using, simplifying EV charging and offering technical benefits that address many existing EV charging issues. Over the next year, most manufacturers will transition their vehicles to use the NACS standard, though many will continue to include CCS standard receptacles and offer adapters.

Currently, Ford and Rivian are shipping adapters to customers, allowing their vehicles to use Tesla’s Supercharger network. Other EVs can charge on Superchargers using Tesla’s “Magic Dock” adapter, though these are limited in number, with future deployment expected to focus on NACS.

Previously, the NACS webpage listed General Motors, Volvo, and Polestar as having expected access to Superchargers by Spring 2024. However, with the end of spring, the webpage now only states “coming soon” for these manufacturers. The delay is likely related to Musk’s recent abrupt firing of Tesla’s entire Supercharger team, which was crucial in negotiating the industry’s shift to NACS. This team, led by Rebecca Tinucci, was instrumental in discussions with other manufacturers regarding NACS adoption. The firing disrupted these discussions, delaying progress.

Tesla has begun rehiring Supercharger workers, which may help resume progress on NACS adoption. Ford’s adapter-shipping process has also experienced delays, likely due to the same internal turmoil. Despite the setbacks, announcements regarding access to Superchargers for companies scheduled for spring may be imminent.

Mercedes-Benz owners can expect access to Supercharging “soon” now that it has been added to the list. However, due to recent delays, it is likely that this access may take several months to materialize.

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