Recently the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, and 11 other board members are under scrutiny as a lawsuit has been filed against them for issues of discrimination in the workplace. An unknown number of discriminatory cases have been reported by tesla factory workers over the last few years. Although Elon Musk has reported that actions have been taken, the actions are currently not known, and these cases continue to occur. 

There have been reports and cases of both racist and sexist abuse in the factories leading to a toxic workplace that makes it hard for employees to work. The defendant is suing for financial harm to the employees as well as damage to the reputation of Tesla. This early shareholder is sharing their grievances by commenting on the fact that these cases are not new.

Chau, a long-time investor, brought the allegations and cases to Musk’s attention previously. Kendall Law Group PLLC is the group of lawyers for Chau, suing Musk and the other shareholders. Tesla does not allow discrimination of any kind. However, the number of reported cases is significant. Mr. Chau filed the lawsuit this Thursday, and more information should be available in the following weeks and months.

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