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Dave Cantin

M&A expert Dave Cantin on how today’s dealership acquisitions are shaping...

2021 has been a record year for mergers and acquisitions in retail automotive. We’ve seen quite a bit of activity, so what does this...
floor plan

How can floor plan financing work for used car dealers?

There are many factors that go into a used car dealership’s success or failure — customer service, management, and just plain ol’ luck —...

How an influx of capital for car dealers is shaping the...

On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome Alan Haig, President and Founder of Haig Partners to discuss the current state of car dealership values....

AutoNation’s profit triples amid chip shortage

AutoNation, Inc., one of the largest automotive retailers in the US, reported earlier this week that its quarterly adjusted profit nearly tripled from this...

The Market Remains Uncertain but Your Margins Don’t Have to Be

Henry Ford famously said, “Don’t find fault, find a remedy.” This is exactly what dealerships have been doing since post-World War II when they...

4 Unique Steps to Higher F&I Profits in 2019

A new year is upon us and with it a chance to reflect on the year past and commit to changing your fortunes (and...
Dealer Profit

Using Your Data Analytics to Promote and Produce Profitable Results

Dave Border, President of Allstate Dealer Services, joins us to discuss various ways you can maximize profits at your dealership. With his experience in...

Simple Changes That Increase Profits

  Steve Stauning, Founder of and regular contributor at CBT News, sat down with CBT's Joe Gumm to discuss some simple changes you can make...
dealership disruption

Cross-training can maximize dealership profits

Today, Becky Chernek sits down with Ed Adams, Director of Finance for McGeorge Toyota to discuss the benefits of cross-training your staff and how...
dealership culture

The Real Way to Improve your Dealership’s Culture

There is money to be made writing books about management. Just skim the shelves at your local bookstore and you will see tons of...