Using Your Data Analytics to Promote and Produce Profitable Results

Dealer Profit

Dave Border, President of Allstate Dealer Services, joins us to discuss various ways you can maximize profits at your dealership. With his experience in property and casualty insurance with an emphasis on the automotive sector, the team at Allstate understand how to bridge the gap to grow leverage within your dealerships using their insight and your data.

Using Your Data Analytics to Promote and Produce Profitable Results

Data analytics continue to be a hot topic within the automotive retail industry. Dealerships will continue to enhance productivity and business by using the information extracted and categorized based on behavioral data and patterns. Allstate Dealer Services offers capabilities that maximize your data analytics to promote and produce profitable results. With their 20 million customers they have spent years collecting data that has been logged and stored. Studying this wide range of data including driving patterns and behaviors, accident frequencies, and telematics, they have an exclusive database that everyone needs to maximize their analytic capabilities. Allstate Dealer Services has used that wealth of information to partner with the broader enterprises to create best practices, model development and service contracts giving them the advantage to position your dealership for success. One way you can achieve this is with their agency program.

Dealer ServicesAllstate will be at the NADA Show this year and encourages everyone to drop by and learn more about how they can take care of you and your dealership. The Road Side Service group will be attending, along with their benefits group. In addition, Terry Bradshaw will be doing a celebrity signing at the booth on Saturday.

If you would like to learn more about Allstate Dealer Services and how they are growing to better serve the industry through all it’s rapid markets changes, by using a variety of dealership opportunity and quality support services, then stop by and speak with the teams at their NADA booth #4870C.