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digital retailing

Three Keys to Profitability in Digital Retailing

With the coronavirus recovery underway in most parts of the country, dealerships nationwide have had to adapt their sales structure. In many parts of...

Pillars Of Increased Performance And Profitability

Dealerships are constantly seeking ways to improve their day-to-day performance and profitability. What follows are some issues and questions to consider when identifying best...

How to Properly Handle Inbound Service Calls for Greater Profitability

After all the technological advancements with handling internet leads, the auto industry is still far from perfect when it comes to handling inbound phone...

Calibrate Recon to Increase Used Car Profitability, Dealers Say

Since hitting the automotive retail market in 2010, software for calibrating reconditioning efficiency has revolutionized how auto dealerships get used cars ready for sale....
Kerrigan buy/sell report

Will Dealership Valuations Change in 2018? – Kerrigan Advisors Market Update

Ryan Kerrigan, Managing Director of Kerrigan Advisors joins CBT News to update viewers on the automotive dealership buy and sell market for the close...
service department

8 Steps to a More Profitable Service Department in 2018

With 2017 coming to a close, the focus is on starting the new year with a bang. Overall, the service industry doesn’t worry about...

Ego & Arrogance

On this week's episode of Progressive Retail, Cory discusses ego and arrogance and its effect on sales growth and profitability.

Do your sales and service employees know the F&I products you...

We're in the final month of the year, so a lot of dealerships are busy assessing plans for 2016 - including figuring out ways to...

CBT News – September 8, 2015

On today's show: Mike Jackson, AutoNation CEO, shares his sales predictions for the rest of the year Todd Gunderson, Division VP at NextGear Capital,...

CBT News – September 1, 2015

On today's show: Henry Svendblad, Senior VP of Technology at Digital Air Strike, explains how to increase positive online reviews and capture more leads Michael...