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Six ways to hold more productive dealership staff meetings

Have you ever received a notification for a staff meeting and dreaded the event? You knew the meeting would take you away from other...

How dealers can use vehicle history reports to make the sale

Vehicle history reports (VHR) serve as a window into a car’s past for any potential buyer and for dealerships. The reports can provide a...

Aspects of an excellent customer experience

One of a dealership’s biggest challenges is tailoring its operations to fit customer needs. In January, JD Power’s Executive Vice President of Strategic Development,...

Best practices for using video on a dealer site

We live in an emerging Golden Era of video and photography. The new iPhone 12 can record videos in Dolby Vision format, and they...

Five Pieces of Critical Messaging to Deliver to Your Customers Amid...

When it comes to this current situation, customers are probably just as unsure of what is going on around them as you are. From...
point of sale

Improving the Point of Sale Presentation

On this week's episode of the Weekly Tune-Up, Jim Fitzpatrick speaks with guest host Michael Roppo, President of Automotive Management Resources, to discuss improving...
big data

Five Ways Dealers Can Introduce Big Data Solutions to Their Dealerships

Every week, it seems as if there is a new buzzword related to technology and innovation regarding the automotive industry. It can be overwhelming...
secret shoppers

What Secret Shoppers Look for at Your Dealership and How to...

You may get a warning when a member of the corporate OEM team decides to do a walkthrough of the showroom. This scenario can...

Adding Value to your Invitation

While transitioning from the outside to the inside, Jonathan recommends changing your invitation to the customer, therefore adding value to the conversation.  

What is the secret to Dan Cummins Chevrolet’s success?

  The speed in which you answer leads is crucial, but the information your BDC gives customers up front is even more important. In this...