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Five Pieces of Critical Messaging to Deliver to Your Customers Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak

When it comes to this current situation, customers are probably just as unsure of what is going on around them as you are. From wondering if grocery stores will be stocked next week to how long social distancing will last, customers are surrounded by uncertainty. So, one of the best services you can offer right now is information and the answers to their automotive-related questions.

All business owners are having to strike a balance between being informative while also sensitively marketing what they offer. This dilemma can be challenging, but it isn’t impossible. The goal is to figure out the critical messaging your customers need to hear right now and provide the necessary information.

So, if you are wondering what you should tell your customers right now, and the best medium to deliver this messaging, keep reading. 

Email Newsletter – Discounts, Relief Efforts, Free Resources 

Email newsletters are one of the most direct ways you can get in touch with your customers. They are more targeted and allow you to customize your messaging. As a result, email newsletters are excellent for offering deals and personalized resources. Both are crucial for this time.customers

Many of your customers may have substantial budget limitations right now, but may still need a vehicle, while others are looking for assistance. With your email newsletter, this is a great place to talk about any discounts. Also, if you are participating in any relief efforts, or are offering any free resources, this is a great place to discuss them. 

Facebook Page – Operation Updates 

Facebook is still the most popular social media platform for automakers and dealers to advertise. This reason is why you should be sure to use this platform to keep your regular customers up-to-date on any operation-specific information. This doesn’t mean you cannot share this information in a newsletter, but Facebook allows you to share more frequent updates without spamming someone’s inbox. Whether you are offering car delivery services (for purchasing or servicing), allowing solo test drives, or altering your hours, you want to be sure you include this information. 

Twitter – Assistance Information for Customers 

Twitter is an excellent forum for sharing valuable information that is already out there. While you may also want to share significant announcements regarding operations or discounts, this is where you want to offer as much value as possible. For example, you can retweet messages from food pantries in the area, and share relief efforts from automakers that directly impact your customers. When it comes to Twitter, the information is likely already out there, so you can easily curate assistance information for your Twitter-based audience. 

customersYouTube – Instructional Videos 

Much like Twitter, YouTube is a great platform to show your value. Customers remember those who offer convenience and provide helpful and practical information. So, use YouTube to do this. Many of your customers may not be able to afford routine servicing or might be located too far away to get their car picked up for maintenance. So, help them by offering simple instructional videos for routine servicing practices (ex. Oil changes, changing air filters, and switching out windshield wipers). YouTube also allows you to get personal as you can offer announcements “face-to-face.” 

Instagram Live – FAQs 

Your customers may have questions that you may not have planned for or thought of. They may also have inquiries that are hard to answer in a blog post. Many companies are using Instagram to connect with their customers or audience on live video. Holding a live stream allows you to answer any questions about operations or servicing, and even offer maintenance advice in real-time. Not only can you connect with customers, but you can also provide accurate information as they need it. 

The Right Messaging Allows You To Offer The Help Customers Need at This Time 

You can offer the information that customers need while avoiding a sales slant. Some individuals still need cars or servicing, and sensitively providing the right messages can help them get their needs met. Various communication mediums are great for different scenarios and messaging. Your goal is to figure out how to make each one you are using work best for you and your customers. Also, feel free to cross-reference your platforms, and switch up how you deliver messages as you see fit.

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Chanell Turner
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