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Where does the used car market stand?

There is no doubt the auto industry as a whole has been drastically shaken up since the beginning of the pandemic, and this includes...

How to Evaluate Expenses in Each Department

Expenses are part of doing business. A dealership can’t have profits without a facility, inventory, employees, supplies and other necessities that cost money. The...
assumptive selling

How Assumptive Selling Can Dramatically Improve Your Results

I’m pretty sure every dealer reading this article wants their salespeople to close a higher percentage of the prospects they encounter. To help achieve...

Seven Sales Books to Read to Improve Your Game

No matter what field you work in, continued professional development is a must. This rule is especially true in sales, where the landscape is...

Business Improvement Made Simple

Whether you're a 10- or 100-employee dealership organization, ongoing improvement is the name of the game. Businesses are not static. Your business is either...
sales forecast

Your 2018 Sales Forecast: Fact or Fiction?

How does your dealership come up with a number for your monthly or annual sales forecast? Most of the time we start by looking...
next level

How to Get to the Next Level

How do you go from good to great? Even if you think you're doing well, there's always room for improvement. On today's episode of...

3 ways you can benefit from improving data management

We all have our inadequacies, both as individuals and as businesses. And it’s no coincidence that a business’ shortcomings often parallel the shortcomings of the...