Tesla opens up first group of Superchargers to non-Tesla owners

Tesla has opened up the first batch of its Superchargers to non-Tesla EVs as part of its fast-charging networking plan. Tesla is utilizing a unique socket for these charging units that includes an adaptor for vehicles that use CCS plugs, which are bigger than the original plugs. With the exception of a few EVs that utilize the Chademo connector, most non-Tesla vehicles can use the combined charging system

About 3,500 of Tesla’s present and planned charging stalls will be made available to non-Tesla EVs, despite the fact that it held nearly 65% of the global EV market last year. Where the chosen chargers would be positioned has not yet been disclosed by Tesla.

But, the company published a video on Feb. 28, via its @TeslaCharging Twitter account demonstrating how EV drivers of competing brands may use the Tesla charging stations.

EVs owners can download the Tesla app, register, and select “Charge Your Non-Tesla” from the menu. The application has a “wallet” for credit card or Apple Pay payments. However, the number of Superchargers station that are accessible to competing brands was not stated by Tesla on its Twitter account.

According to research published in mid-February by, Tesla’s network, which includes 17,248 individual chargers, accounts for 60% of all fast-charging stalls in the country. An EV battery can usually be fully charged using a Level 3 fast charger in under an hour.

With 11,479 chargers, competing networks that serve EVs other than Tesla accounted for 40% of fast-charge stalls nationally, according to iSeeCars. There are also some charging stations with Tesla connections on one non-Tesla network, EVgo.

A significant problem with EV adoption — the absence of dependable fast chargers for non-Tesla brands — would be quickly resolved if Tesla were to make its whole network available to non-Tesla EVs.

For non-Tesla vehicles, executive analyst Karl Brauer said that “Elon Musk could theoretically flip a switch and add 150 percent to the fast-charging network of the United States.”

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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