On Tuesday, Kelley Blue Book released a list of automotive technologies for car shoppers highlighting the best features to look for in a vehicle in 2022. Some are convenience options while the majority are features intended to keep drivers safe and secure, no matter when they get behind the wheel. Each of the tech options provides an opportunity for dealers to better connect with their customers. 

Kelley Blue Book’s list, the 10 Best Automotive Technologies of 2022, is as follows: 

  1. Advanced Driver Assist Systems
  2. Automatic Emergency Braking
  3. Connected Mobile Apps/Digital Key
  4. Teen Driver Tech
  5. Safe Exit Assist
  6. Wireless Smartphone Connectivity and Charging
  7. 360-Degree Camera
  8. Emergency Services and Tracking Software
  9. Blind Spot View Monitor
  10. Video Rearview Mirror


Their post is geared to consumers and details the operation and benefits of each type of tech. And as a trusted authority in the auto industry, it’s the type of third-party information that car shoppers will employ during their research. For dealerships, identifying the options on the list that resonate most with car shoppers can help build a trusting relationship. It boils down to helping them see the benefits of their in-car experience, whether convenience or safety-related.

Kelley Blue Book’s director of editorial, Jason Allan, said, “In 2022, a car’s technology features can be a make-or-break factor in the vehicle purchase decision. Like most anything else we can point to in modern life, tech advancements in new cars have evolved at lightning speed in recent years, rapidly becoming one of the top priorities and considerations for car shoppers when choosing which vehicle to buy. 

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“Some new-car technologies serve as safety shields that hopefully never need to be used, but drivers can take comfort knowing they are there. Others assist with parking and visibility, while some technologies help the driver stay connected with others or quickly contact emergency services. Ultimately, the ideal automotive tech features should make things easier without causing driver distraction.”

For automotive professionals, it gets easy to overlook technological advances as just one more thing in a car but for car shoppers, these features can still draw a sense of wonder.

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