Shep Hyken on improving the customer experience to generate repeat business

Customer experience expert, New York Times best-selling author, and international keynote speaker Shep Hyken, has released new research into the state of customer service and experience called the A.C.A or Achieving Customer Amazement Study. On today’s show, Shep joins anchor Jim Fitzpatrick to discuss the study’s surprising findings.

The A.C.A surveyed over 1,000 consumers across different demographics including age, gender, and income level. According to Hyken, customer loyalty begins when a customer returns for a product or service. Repeat business is crucial for success. So, how do we encourage repeat business? How do we prevent customers leaving for a competitor? Hyken says that is why his study takes a close look at generational age. In fact, 87% of Boomers compared to 73% of Gen Z believe it is essential for a company or brand to provide an excellent customer service experience.

Other key findings from the study include:

  • 83% of customers will switch because of bad customer service.
  • 75% of Americans are more likely to be loyal to a company or brand that delivers a personalized customer service experience.
  • 48% of Americans would rather go to the dentist than call customer support.
  • 41% of consumers chose digital self-service options before picking up the phone
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The research also revealed that what consumers want the most are employees who are knowledgeable about their products and services. Additionally, consumers want employees who are helpful and kind as well as the ability to reach the right supervisor quickly. For example, while Amazon encourages users to resolve their questions or complaints online, they also make it easy for consumers to speak directly with a representative. Hyken says that dynamic is exactly what businesses need. More top consumer priorities include:

  • Convenience and hassle-free experience
  • Fast response times to emails and messages
  • Delivery times and logistics
  • Empathy from employees during frustrations or complaints
  • A personalized experience

To learn more, be sure to watch the entire interview above, and to get your copy of “I’ll Be Back” out now, visit or find it on Amazon.

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