Share an Action List With Your Team Daily

action list

As a Sales Manager, do you have action lists for your team? Action lists come in various ways, and David goes through several examples on today’s Tip of the Day.


I want to talk specifically to sales managers and encourage you to work on something that we’ve found to be really exciting in dealerships, and that’s what’s important to you. Your daily activity list for the sales team, driven by those needs that you have for selling cars or achieving new inventory for the store.

So, I want to explain it to you real simply. If you can come up with your key actions that you want your team to send out in an email, maybe post on Facebook, or leave a text, or leave a voicemail, that really would be awesome to drive results for you. So think in terms of what inventory has grown old that you need to put out there. So, put that on a list and let your team know about that one.

You also can even go so far as to write the email or the message for the text or the voice message that you want left. Additionally, you could sit here and say, “Here’s our new incentives, here’s the one I want you to focus on.” Or, “Here’s two or three pieces of inventory I want you to go to your customers with and ask them for.”
So every day, come up with your action list that you want to give to your team. Ask them to go out to their day to day space and communicate, and I think you’ll be impressed at how your action list really drives great results for your store. Give it a try, I think you’ll be impressed with the results.

I’m David Kain, thanks for joining me for this Tip of the Day.

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