Does Salesmanship Equal Showmanship?


Elevate your sales pitch by improving your presentation and demonstration as well as your excitement and enthusiasm. On today’s Tip of the Day, Mark Tewart talks about selling with showmanship while also being knowledgable of the product. Doing this can greatly increase the customer’s experience and ultimately your sales results.


Hi, I’m Mark Tewart, and thanks for joining me on the sales tip of the day, on CBT News. Today, salesmanship equals showmanship. I’m not asking you to be anybody you’re not. But, the example I want to share with you, I was recently at a blues concert with some great blues guitarists. One of them is a favorite of mine, his name is Stacy Mitchhart. Now, why does he set himself apart? He’s not only technically a great guitar player and bluesman, he is fantastic as a showman. So when you’re with a customer, I’m not asking you to be somebody you’re not, and do anything uncomfortable. But, elevate your game of the show that you’re going to give them, in your presentation, in your demonstration, in your excitement, in your enthusiasm. Being technically a great salesperson is great, but being a technically great salesperson, while being a great showman, is even better. My best tip of the day on CBT News.