The Concept of Nudging


We get digitally nudged all the time, but what’s the impact of digital nudging and how effective is it for your dealership website?  David explains by offering up a great example of how it supposed to work.  

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Hello I’m David Kain here with your Tip of the Day.

I want to talk to you about the concept of nudging. We all get nudged every single time we go into a grocery store or a check out. We’ve got the gum. We’ve got the batteries. We’ve got the magazines right there, and on our own website, sometimes we have nudges, but we’ve oftentimes forgotten the effectiveness of that.

Give yourself an exposure to website. When you go there, they are the experts of digital nudges. When you get there, and you type in where you want to go, a box will pop up and say, however have been considering hotels in that area.

Click on a hotel, it will say so many people have either booked or have thought about this hotel. We tend to walk away from these kind of automatic nudges on a website, and I would encourage you to demonstrate that to your website provider and tell them, “Hey man, we need some nudges on our site too.”

Give it a try and I think you’ll be impressed with what you can accomplish with a good nudge.

I’m David Kain, thanks for joining me for the CBT Network Tip of the Day.


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