Retaining Customers with Your Smartphone

retaining customers

We all know using your smartphone for making videos impacts sales, but it’s also good for retaining customers. Sales trainer David Kain, explains how you can increase customer retention using your smartphone.


I know we’ve all heard that video sells, but video also retains. A concept that I would encourage you to explore is downloading an app on your phone, like YouTube Director, or just using your phone and go into one of your customers that you’ve sold that happens to operate a business in your community.

David Kain: Do a featured story on the customer using nothing more than your phone. Interview them. Ask them how they’re using the vehicle. Show them what kind of work they do and build a relationship that will come back to you multitudes of ways by putting that on your YouTube channel, featuring in your social media and letting your customers know that you’re worried more about their business than your own, and they’ll take care of you in the future. I’m David Kain. Give it a try. I think you’ll enjoy this tip of the day.

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