Price control meets traction control

Demand is a slippery road. Sometimes the wheels spin, but the vehicle doesn’t move. So you lower the price to get some traction. But how much? And to which wheel?

The road ahead is unpredictable.

Dealers need to think about pricing today. Because right now, without VIN-specific demand control, price can be the most costly tool you have to compensate for shortfalls in demand. Interest rates aren’t helping. Gas prices aren’t making life easier. The whole global macroeconomic thing isn’t ideal.

So what does it take to move a vehicle today? How much will it take to get a customer onto your lot tomorrow? And then, of course, how much is too much? How much is too little?

Trying to sell a vehicle today is like driving down a wet and rainy road in the dark. It’s better to have some technology to help make better and more profitable business decisions.

That’s why we’re here.

Lotlinx exists to answer these questions: How much? Which vehicle? Which customer?

The platform we’ve developed over the past 10 years delivers demand to the exact vehicles you have on your lot. Not the ones that sell themselves, but the ones that are on your lot right now, wheels spinning, not moving anywhere. The ones that need help. When there’s a slow-down in demand, our technology kicks in. When the wheels catch, the technology backs off — and holds gross for every car on your lot by VIN.

Every day. 1,000’s of times a day. Just like traction control. Sort of.

Download the 2023 playbook.

The Lotlinx 2023 playbook is a solid introduction to the Lotlinx platform and how our technology can help you predict and control inventory risk no matter what the future holds. Visit for your free download.

About Lotlinx:

Lotlinx is a precision retailing platform that offers control over every part of the automotive retail process to maximize profits. Using predictive technology, we help dealers customize inventory, target marketing spend, and accurately price every vehicle. Visit or email to learn more.