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You have more control over market share than you think you do

Market share isn’t driven by world events. It has nothing to do with the price of gas, Putin’s war, or rising interest rates. Good economy or bad, there will always be winners, there will always be losers, and there will always be share of market. The question is how do you control and expand your slice of it?

First, take control of the data.

The data you need to move inventory, improve gross, and build market share is out there. Every bit of it. But, for whatever reason, OEMs aren’t eager to share it. So how do you get it?

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It’s in the market. You can use it.

Clear, concise, complete, actionable data. At any given moment, market data can show you where your dealership stands and how you’re doing in the battle for share of shoppers.

Market data can show you:

1. Where demand is coming from
2. How many customers are in the market right now
3. Where to put your promotional dollars so the vehicles you need to move get an extra push.

There’s nothing theoretical here. Market data isn’t simulated or derived from a historical model. It reflects real customers in the market and real vehicles on your lot. In real-time.

The more you know. The more you control.

The more you control, the bigger your slice of the pie.

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