Elevate Your Sales Process In The Automotive Industry by Picking The Right Car

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One of the most important parts of the sales process in the automotive industry is picking out the perfect car. As you’re walking the lot, David Lewis of David Lewis & Associates suggests asking potential buyers this question.   


Hello everybody. David Lewis here with your sales tip of the day. Today I want to share with you an idea that’s been very, very effective for most of my students.

We all know that picking the right car in the sales process is critical. If we pick the wrong car, the whole process becomes moot at the end. Here’s the idea.

As you’re walking the lot and showing them a row of cars, before you ask them to drive the car, just ask them if they would like to sit in one of the cars.

Maybe you’re a Honda dealership and you have a whole row of Honda Accords. You’re walking up and down. They’re looking in the windows, looking at styles.
You walk up and you ask them,
“Hey, would you like to sit inside one of these cars so you could see what the interior of the car is like?” You’re going to find that most people are going to say yes.

Then your next question is going to be the important one. “Is there a particular color with options that you like?” Let the customer point to that car.

In essence what has happened is the customer’s picked the car. You haven’t landed them on the car. They’ve landed themselves on the car.
Most will actually point at the car and say, “You know what? We’d like to sit in that one right there.”

Now you’ve selected the right car. Give it a try. I know you’re going to find it to be extremely beneficial.

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