CBT Automotive Newscast for November 26, 2019


Today on CBTNews.com – Tuesday, November 26th, 2019:

Peter WelchNADA President Peter Welch Discusses Autonomous Vehicles, Ride-Sharing, Tariffs & More
On today’s show, we’re so pleased to welcome back Peter Welch, President and CEO of NADA, to the CBT Network. In this segment, Jim and Peter discuss his latest article “Clicks, Bricks and Trust; Why The Dealership Matters To Every Generation,” as well as industry trends, disruptors, and uncertainty surrounding tariffs. Watch Now

Peter WelchWho Needs Referrals Anyways?
Our industry is typically one of immediacy. Questions like “What would it take to earn your business right now?” are very typical and used daily. Not many sales managers would feel comfortable with – or approve of – a salesperson allowing a customer to leave the dealership (or lot) without a TO, simply because the customer says they aren’t ready, or are just beginning to shop. Managers typically stress the importance of buying now. As a result, salespeople naturally get laser-focused on accomplishing this. Read More

Peter WelchIs Your Dealership Running a Sales Department or a Business Prevention Department?
Back in my tech company days, apparent no-brainer agreements often got caught up in the legal department. Sometimes months would go by before we’d get a yes or no. Even though many of these deals had the potential to move our program (and revenue) further by galactic proportions, meeting after meeting would pass without an answer. It was during one of these marathon waiting periods, as we burned money by the truckload, that I first heard the term “business prevention department” dropped. It was a pejorative term but it has stuck with me since. Read More


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